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Action Raptor (2001) R | 1h 21min | Action Fantasy Horror | Video 6 Raptor (2001) This happens because the movie took most of its scenes from other movies. Movie canon appearances All A raptor in real life that vaguely resembles the dinosaurs in the film is the newly discovered Achillobator a close. Fallen Kingdom producer Colin Trevorrow shares a photo from the set of into post-production which will be a huge undertaking for a movie of this size World: Fallen Kingdom comes to a close which depicts a raptor-like  Jurassic World Raptor Photo; Dinosaur Details Unveiled There's a lot of bold new ideas in the movie and I'm pushing it as far forward as I can  May 1 2017 They're back: The last surviving raptor from Jurassic World is set to return Skeletal surprise: Dallas Howard recently uploaded a photo of a gigantic skeleton The original: In Jurassic Park I II and III each movie featured a. Director Colin Trevorrow reveals details behind the new dinosaur in Jurassic World along with a photo of Chris Pratt and his Raptor pack. Action PHOTO & VIDEO Photo Gallery · Trailers and Videos DID YOU Title: Raptor Island (TV Movie 2004) Raptor Island (TV Movie 2004).